What is the Beauty of Yoga ?

What is the Beauty of Yoga Mela?

Yoga Mela is one of the fastest growing spiritual and yoga gatherings in Europe. We expect more than 1000 people this year. The main motive of the festival is a profound, authentic and non-commercial spirituality. People can come together and rejoice in the presence of each other without drugs, without alcohol, with a 100% child and family based togetherness. The festival also keeps affordable price categories which allows families to bring their children to take part in the festival. The festival provides a rain-proof facility for its more than 200 programs with teachers from eastern philosophies, renowned world class sacred music artists and yoga teachers.

This festival also creates a very beautiful and uplifting environment, whether a well-known artist, a newcomer, a CEO of a big company or a student, all are equally met in the same space and share the beauty of being together, beyond the social identities.

One more beauty of the festival is that Yoga Mela is a fully non-profit and voluntary based festival. Many volunteers come from around the world to support and create this international gathering.

The festival also emphasizes the expression of an ecologically sustainable spiritual living community in a very highly organized, beautiful and nurturing environment. This is an important experience which is felt by the participants, that they are coming to a living yogic lifestyle. The Divinya project has 230 hectares of parks, lakes, rivers and classical buildings, meadows, organic fields and permaculture gardens. Which provide a very enriching experience of an ecologically sustainable spiritual living model.

How is sacred music affecting the different chakras?

How is music affecting the different chakras?

Melodies (raghas), sound vibration, the meanings and the intention are all directly connected with the chakras. Every kind of musical expression has its connection with different chakras.
Hate music, erotic music, romantic music, rebellious music, different music has its own intention and expression. And all these expressions have their direct connection to how chakras function. If a music is expressing hate or creates stress or tiredness, it can be related with Mulhadhara, the first chakra. Erotic music or romantic music can be related with the second chakra. In this way, different chakras have a different connection with music. Spiritual music naturally is meant to explore the seventh chakra of all the chakras, of all the layers. It opens one’s freedom, opens one’s unconditional state, opens one’s heart, opens one’s space to explore all realms beyond our conditions. Through music all our chakras can be opened, and this profound experience can enter into those chakras, which can inspire and bring more insights in our life.

Why Create a Festival?

Why Do You Create a Festival?

The togetherness is very important. This togetherness itself is a spirituality. We as human beings are collective beings. We are not meant to be left alone or separate ourselves from others. It is therefore very important that people who are like minded come together and take part in a transformational togetherness where the purpose of coming together is the same, which is the spiritual liberation. And this togetherness helps us to meet fellow seekers and helps us to find new ways. But even more it is the intensity of coming together in such a magnitude of spiritual energy field that plays a major role, which is the main focus of the festival. So, it is about creating a positive energy field for a shift in consciousness, and whoever comes can feel it. When this energy field is intensified and reaches a peak it becomes a catalyst. So every individual who participates contributes to this shift in consciousness.

The success of Yoga Mela is, that whoever takes part can feel that energy, something is moving inside. So, every component of this festival is carefully designed to elevate this transformational energy field. A drug free, family- and child-friendly gathering, where that innocent joy is celebrated profoundly.

How Does Yoga and Sacred Music Help People in Their Spiritual Development?

How Does Yoga and Sacred Music Help People in Their Spiritual Development?

Spiritual development means that every practice one practices, helps them to move further in the journey of total liberation. Since total liberation is freedom from the past and old conditions, naturally spiritual music and yoga helps every individual to move further. The yoga brings freedom into the body, the spiritual music brings freedom into our mind. When people sing a particular sound, a particular rhythm, a particular way of expression, it helps one to heal themselves and go beyond their old pattern, the conditioned mind. Spiritual music is one of the tools which can help people in combination with yoga and meditation.

When you recite or sing, naturally so many blocked emotions hidden deep inside have the possibility to come out. In a way certain chanting are nothing but another form of a breathing exercise. So spiritual music and yoga inevitably take part in one’s spiritual path.

Connecting Yoga & Music

What is Spiritual Music, and Why Do You Combine Spiritual Music and Yoga?

Spiritual Music is like yoga, it is another form of yoga. Even in the yoga tradition there is a music called Nada Yoga.
We have many different expressions which we express through singing. Our longing towards the lover, our love towards the children, our sorrow, our anger, many different expressions are expressed. Different kinds of music are expressing different experiences. Our deepest longing, the core of our being, this also needs to come out. Spiritual music plays the role to express one’s deepest core, beyond one’s conditions. It is very natural that yoga and spiritual music are together in such an event.