Benjy Wertheimer, US

Member of the Hanumen. In his rāga singing workshop, Benjy leads the group into the realm of Nāda Yoga, the yogic path of aligning with sacred vibration and sound. Singing in this way is accessible enough for even novice singers and deep enough to provide rich new experiences for experienced musicians of any style of music. It explores the ancient Indian art and science of embodying the sacred in music, inviting the Sacred into our bodies, minds, hearts and souls.
The Hanumen The Hanumen are Benjy Wertheimer, John de Kadt, Vish Sheth and Gaura Vani. These diverse artists present a unique experience of world-music, mystic poetry and mantra chanting – a musical journey to the deepest part of the soul. This acclaimed international world music group is known for their beautiful original arrangements, their musicality and their huge hearts that keep people smiling and dancing and sitting in utter stillness.