Children Festivity

One of the best gifts we can give to our children is to introduce them to the great outdoors of nature, laying the groundwork for a life-long connection to Mother Earth. We will encourage children to be attentive to everything natural, to activate their senses and respond to life.

Children are free to explore and move; allowing all delightful forms of self-expression that are often limited or restricted to them. Being in nature enables them to run, jump, skip and roll. Bring your children to Yoga Mela festival and let them discover life in togetherness with people of all ages. Let them explore the wonder and awe of the natural world and get enriched in their sharing.



Yoga Mela for Children

At Yoga Mela festival we welcome children of all ages. Children have various possibilities to play, explore and learn while their parents attend their own programs. Children are also welcome to attend the regular classes and festival activities. It is the parents responsibility to assure, children are content and do not interrupt the flow of programs.

Special Children Festivity

The Children Festivity offers a great variety of what appeals to a child’s passion. Parents are welcome to join any of the children’s programs. Activities include:

playing, nature excursions, horse wagon, yoga, cartoons, drawing, outdoor games, crafts, music, theatre, magic and more.