Become an active Co-Creator of Yoga Mela

Yoga Mela is a wonderful celebration in the spirit of Sacred Music and Yoga, that aims to have a profound, transformational experience in all aspects. We thank everyone for taking part! 

What makes Yoga Mela so special is that it is not an event organized by an event planning agency for others to consume, nor is it meant to be an event organized by the Divinya community for others to enjoy.

Instead, it is a one-week celebration of Living Yoga, a communion in peace and love, created by the Yoga Mela family for the Yoga Mela family – and for everyone who wishes to join this profound spiritual gathering!

With Yoga Mela, we would like to create a fine, non-commercial, non-dogmatic spiritual yoga experience with high quality in all areas, including facilities, food, artists, yoga classes, sound and light, and all practical matters.

Promo Codes &
Divinya Credits

When buying your festival ticket, you will receive a promo code.


Earn €50 in Divinya Credits for every successful recommendation 

When buying your festival ticket, you will receive a promo code. For every friend who uses your promo code: get €50 Divinya Credits, which are split between you and your friend.

Watch this video explaining Divinya Credits and how to use a promo code

How does the Promo Code work?

  • Buy a full festival ticket
  • Receive a promo code
  • Share your code with all your friends
  • Whenever someone (18+ years of age) purchases a full festival ticket using your code, you will each get €25 Divinya Credits, which you can use during the festival in the cafés, food counters and in the boutique.

For example: You promote Yoga Mela among your friends, if 6 of them buy the full festival ticket using your promo code, you will receive €150 Divinya Credits and each of them will get €25 Divinya Credits.

You will receive your Divinya Credits card upon your arrival at the festival in the form of a credit card. Everybody, including participants who did not receive credits through promo codes, can add credits to their card at the reception at any time.

How can I spend my Divinya Credits?

  • For any purchase at the festival cafés & all other food counters
  • In the Divinya boutique
  • To buy another Yoga Mela ticket for your friends or family
  • For any retreat or program held in Divinya
  • For treatments and products at Divinya’s Healing Center

Divinya Credits are valid during the festival or for any other Divinya program within one year. They can also be given to another person.

This is an initiative for a people-based promotion.
Let’s co-create this gathering of Peace and Unity together!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Buy your ticket and get your promo code now!

*You will receive Divinya Credits for any Full Festival Ticket (18 years of age and upwards) purchased with your promo code. Divinya Credits are not valid for children’s tickets or 2-day tickets. Promo codes are unique for every festival and will therefore not be valid for any following festival. 

What else you can do to co-create Yoga Mela?

Actively promote the festival

This co-creation starts already before the festival, with all of us together inspiring more people to come. We truly believe in a people-based promotion, and wish to invite all of you to actively take part in it by spreading the word about Yoga Mela through your social networks and to your family and friends.

If you wish to receive promotional materials by post or email, please send us an email with your address to info@yogamela.org.

Book your ticket as early as possible

By booking early, you can help us make Yoga Mela 2024 even more beautiful and enriching. This will allow us to prepare everything well on time and invite the best sacred music artists from every corner of the world, creating the best experience for everyone.

Engage in Seva (selfless service)

And it continues during the festival when we all start taking responsibility for creating a world we wish to live in – a world in peace, love and freedom – and starting with the world right in front of us. This is reflected in the smallest acts and in so many beautiful moments when festival participants join in the selfless service and contribute by taking care of the space and of each other.

You are welcome to share your ideas and suggestions!

  • Share your insider tips on how to spread the word about Yoga Mela in your local area. We are happy to consider supporting your initiatives from our side by sending you posters and flyers to spread out (for example).
  • If you know good artists or good teachers, you are always welcome to recommend them to us.
  • Any other suggestions? Don’t hesitate to write to us!