Divinya Credits

For every friend who uses your promo code,
get €50 Divinya Credits,
that is split between you and your friend.

Get more out of your festival experience!

Yoga Mela is a non-profit and non-commercial event.
We are exploring a people-based promotion and you can be part of it.

Watch this video explaining Divinya Credits and how to use a promo code

How does it work?

  • – Buy a full festival ticket
  • – Receive a promo code
  • – Share your code with all your friends
  • – Whenever someone (18+ years of age) purchases a full festival ticket using your code, you each get €25 Divinya Credits

For example: You promote Yoga Mela among your friends, if 6 of them buy the full festival ticket using your promo code, you will receive €150 Divinya Credits and each of them will get €25 Divinya Credits.

You will receive your Divinya Credits Card upon your arrival at the festival.

How can I spend my Divinya Credits?

  • – At the festival cafés & all other food counters
  • – In the Divinya boutique
  • – To buy another Yoga Mela ticket for your friends or family
  • – For any retreat or program held in Divinya
  • – For treatments and products at Divinya’s Healing Center

Divinya Credits are valid during the festival or for any other Divinya program within one year. They can also be given to another person.

This is an initiative for a people-based promotion.
Let’s co-create this gathering of Peace and Unity together!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Buy your ticket and get your promo code now!

*You will receive Divinya Credits for any full festival ticket (from the age category of 18-years-of-age and upwards) purchased with your promo code. Divinya Credits are not valid for children’s tickets or 2-day tickets.

Promo codes from previous festivals will not work.