Frequently Asked Questions


What is included in the full festival ticket?

  1. All full festival tickets include the full festival program, 3 meals per day, a free tenting spot at a designated area and parking space.
  2. Your ticket is valid from July 13 from 9 am (breakfast not included) to July 21 morning (breakfast included). Check-out before 12 pm.

Can I arrive on Friday July 12?

  1. You can arrive on Friday July 12 from 15:00 onwards. Please choose this option already while booking your ticket, or inform us later via email. You can choose to join dinner on July 12 and breakfast on July 13 for an additional fee. These meals need to be booked before July 11 via email.

Do you offer a refund for the festival ticket?

  1. It is possible to cancel your ticket and receive a (partial) refund depending on the time span between the request for the refund and the festival starting date. Please find all information about refunds and booking policies in our festival policy: https://www.yogamela.org/festival-policy/



What type of accommodation does Yoga Mela offer?

  1. A free tenting spot is included in all festival tickets. For participants booking a full festival pass, Yoga Mela provides the option to book an accommodation in safari tents with camp beds, fully furnished deluxe tents, and comfortable rooms, subject to availability. Please indicate your preference during the booking. You can also bring your own camper van for an extra parking charge.

Can I share the accommodation with my family or friends?

  1. We can accommodate 2-3 people in a shared tent or room. You can find all the accommodation options we offer on the accommodation page and on the booking page. While making your booking, please write the name of the person you want to share the tent or room with. If you know it later, it can be communicated via email, yet please avoid last minute information.

I come alone. What type of accommodation can I book?

  1. We offer the possibility to book shared accommodation in a tent or room. You will be paired with one other participant of the same gender.
  2. We also offer the option to book single accommodation in a tent or room.
  3. You can find all the accommodation options we offer on the accommodation page link and on the booking page.

Can I bring my mobile home or camper van?

  1. You can bring a mobile home or camper van. You can book this option ´Camper van space´ together with your festival ticket. The camper van space does not include provisions for water and electricity. Cooking is not allowed. It is a one time fee per vehicle.

Is it possible to cook my own meals?

  1. Cooking is not allowed within the entire premises of Divinya, including outdoor areas, tents, and vehicles.
    The festival ticket includes 3 main meals a day. There are also cafes and various snack counters, where you can additionally buy different food.

Is there any restriction for the size of tent that I can bring?

  1. All tents are being placed in the apple orchard, and the space between the trees are 5 x 5 meter. While we do not have a restriction on tent size, please make sure everyone has a fair amount of space. If you wish to bring a larger size of tent, please write to info@yogamela.org. 
    There is enough walking space in alleys.

  What do I pack for Yoga Mela?

  1. Depending on your accommodation, please provide all necessities. Yoga Mela takes place in South of Sweden which has a Nordic summer climate. Please bring clothes suitable for a Scandinavian climate, where both sun and rain are present. Please bring a sleeping bag suitable for Nordic climate to stay warm at night.
  2. Please bring your own Yoga mat. You can also purchase a yoga mat in our boutique.



How can I get to the festival from Eslöv train station?

  1. On July 13 and July 21, Yoga Mela offers a free shuttle service between Eslöv train station and Divinya (20 min) throughout the day. The timings will be announced closer to the festival. Pre-registration is required while making your booking.
  2. If you have another arrival date or time, you can take a taxi to the festival site. There are taxis available at the train station. Please have a look on our How To Reach Page for more details about booking a taxi.



I forgot to use a promo code when buying my festival ticket. Can I send it to you and still get Divinya Credits?

  1. The promo code is only functioning during the purchase of a full festival ticket, it is not possible to use it afterwards.
  2. But there is still a way to earn Divinya Credits. You can share your promo code further to your friends or family. For every friend who uses your promo code you get €50 Divinya Credits, which are split between you and your friend.
  3. It is not possible to receive Divinya Credits in the form of a refund or a voucher.

How do I pay with Divinya Credits?

  1. Upon your arrival at the festival you can get a Divinya Credits card, which has the value of your collected Divinya Credits on the card. With this card you can pay at any food counter or boutique during the festival.
  2. You can add more Divinya Credits on your card at any time during the festival, by paying with your credit card at the main reception.

How long are Divinya Credits valid?

  1. Divinya Credits are valid for one year, not including the next year Yoga Mela. Divinya Credits can be used during the festival in our cafes and boutique, or throughout the year for any other booking or purchase in Divinya.



Can I join Yoga Mela as a vendor?

  1. As our festival is more of a collective living experience and a fully non-commercial event, we do not have vendors at the festival. Everyone is welcome to join Yoga Mela at any time as a participant.


Can I bring my dog to the festival?

  1. We kindly ask you to keep your dog or other pets at home, unless you can guarantee that it is on a leash and will not disturb the wildlife in Divinya or other participants. Pets are not allowed inside any buildings or festival venues such as tents. If you do plan to bring your pet, we ask to inform us in advance to receive our approval via email from info@yogamela.org.