Lineup 2024

More artists and yoga teachers to be announced, soon!

  • Satyaa & Pari

    Greece & Switzerland

    Both having lived in the presence of spiritual masters for many years in India, have transformed their lives for good.
    Their Mantra Concerts is an invitation to sing along, dance and rejoice – a real enjoyment for lovers of mantra- and devotional chant music.

    Concert & Workshop

  • Manu Om


    The repertoire offered by Manu Om alternates between mantras and prayers from the Sikh Dharma (Gurmuki) and Sanskrit. Both paths offer in their practice the song and sweetness of Bhakti (devotion).

    Concert & Workshop

  • Gopi Anand


    In the spirit of bhakti they perform kirtan only to make participants open their hearts and surrender to the sweet and transformative yoga of mantra.

    Kirtan singing

  • Ellaya Ayal Mor


    Joining Elise & Charlie for a Rumi Poetry Concert

    Ellaya is an Israeli storyteller, spoken word artist, workshop leader and teacher of Buddhism and mindfulness. She performs and leads workshops throughout Israel and abroad.


  • Sukhdev Prasad Mishra


    Sukhdev has been performing the classical violin since the age of six. At Yoga Mela Sukhdev Prasad Mishra will accompany all programs of Manu Om, and together with Jaume and Bernat offer a classical concert, not to be missed.


  • Judith Vastian


    In an experiential, interactive workshop we will joyfully explore the complex world of emotions and how they shape our lives. Join an inspiration of mastering one's emotions.

    Workshop on "Emotionally Yours"

  • Ana Lopez (Karuna)


    For more than four years Ana Lopez has made a beautiful vocal duo with Manu Om. At Yoga Mela she will accompany all his programs with the harmonium and second voice.


  • Liesbet Vastian


    Liesbet and more members of the Divinya community include in the workshop ‘Communities for the future’ their experience of life in Divinya, its vision and philosophy.
    Liesbet will also teach Inner Yoga at the festival.

    Inner Yoga & workshops on 'Communities for the future'

  • Hannah Vastian


    In search for finding meaning in life, having a vision becomes essential. Join an inspirational Divinya workshop on ‘Vision dreaming’.

    workshop on 'Vision Dreaming'

  • Shelley Vastian


    The workshop ‘Living Spirituality’ is an inspiration on how to expand one’s spiritual practice into everyday life.

    Workshop on 'Living Spirituality'

  • Santon Vastian


    Gender liberation touches key components for the path of total liberation. In this Divinya workshop we explore how our beliefs, needs and desires influence our choices in life – yet not belonging to our true self.

    Workshop on 'Gender Liberation'

  • Twan Vastian


    In the eco-spirituality workshop we will explore Divinya’s approach towards the topic of the sustainable human – where ecology becomes divine and spirituality becomes earthly.

    Hatha Yoga & Workshop on 'Eco-Spirituality'

And many more...