Healing Voice & Kum Nye Yoga

Blanka-Kady Taylor


Blanka-Kady Taylor is Healing Voice Kadija’Ma and a Kum Nye Teacher from Berlin. Kum Nye is a tibetan practice from the Nyingma Tradition, brought to the Western World by Lama Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche in 1969. Kum Nye reminds us to connect to our breath and to feel our body by exploring our feelings without analyzing or judging them nor us. Feelings are full of treasures. They are a gateway to your inner wisdom. Kum refers to your energy bodies, your Aura and Nye to an inner massage of the physical body through your breath. Subtle postures, gentle breathing and a meditative guidance will lead you to your awareness of consciously feeling, so that you may effortlessly unlock more of your energy and expand your presence to dive deep inside, while fully feeling yourself in the present moment.