Children's festival



Rico, Eija Luna and Johanna Rehn offer playful journeys for children with rhythm and music and a lot of fantasy.

Rico is a vibrating, present and emotional multi-instrumentalist. His musical expressions has inspirations from West Africa and Brasil, but most of the creation comes from the present moment. He loves combining his biggest interests: music, presence, meditation and the free expression. Eija Luna was born out of music and happiness. With only 12 years old she has already performed in festivals, both solo and in bands as well as co-facilitating dynamic singing circles with her dad Rico. Art and creation are Johanna’s guidelines in life. She loves to create spaces where joy, playfulness and presence is shared for all ages. She expresses herself with dancing and painting and is also a maker of children’s books. To her, there is no greater thing than to share stories that can inspire kids, big and small, for life.

Children’s Festival

  • Circular music (90 minutes)
    Circular Music welcomes all ages and is a collective musical improvisation workshop based on cycles, which essentially uses the voice, body percussion and movement in an ever-changing flow. We tend to think of the Circle Music session as a kind of game, with its own ritual to create interaction, connection and creativity in a safe and playful way where everyone is welcome.
  • Dance your fairytale (90 minutes)
    For our kids of about 4-8 years old we share an adventure of discovering how we can express ourselves in dancing and creating a story. We will let ourselves be inspired by the kids’ favorite animals, of different emotions and of how we can make the world a better place together. With African drums and music the storytelling is amplified and brings us to move and dance through different worlds where only the children’s imagination is the limit. Then we interpret our adventure with color pencils and everyone gets to tell about their artwork to their friends.
  • Play your fairytale (About 30 minutes)
    For our youngest kids (ages 0-3 years old). With the African harp as our companion we discover the ocean, the jungle and the sky where we get to know different animals such as the rhythmic monkey and the stomping elephant. Our youngest kids and their grownups will experience this interactive fairytale with all of their senses and enjoy the movements and calming soundscape together.
  • Painting workshop
    Johanna will offer additionally two painting workshops, where children of all ages are welcome to express their fantasy and joy.