Leah Wrobel

Leah is a highly experienced yoga teacher with a focus on trauma-informed practices. She holds certifications in Vijnana Yoga, Kripalu Yoga, and Prenatal Yoga, and has been teaching for over 20 years. At Yoga Mela, she offers two types of workshops: Pranayama workshops and Vijnana Yoga classes.

Pranayama Workshop:
In this workshop, we will explore the depths of our own breathing range with gentleness and lightheartedness. Through breath-awareness meditation, partner work, and practicing pranayama in both seated and lying positions, we will deepen our understanding of the breath.

Vijnana Yoga Class:
Leah’s Vijnana Yoga classes are guided by seven principles: relaxation of the body, quieting of the mind, focus through intent, grounding, connection, awareness of breath, and expansion. These classes offer a slower-paced flow, emphasizing precision and deepening our connection to our body as a whole. By holding postures with mindfulness and attention, we cultivate a sense of oneness and wholeness within ourselves.