Lucas Tensen


Celebrating community and nature through sacred song, chant, poetry and other soulful practices is what continues to motivate Lucas Julian Tensen as a musician, songwriter, instrument maker and facilitator.

Lucas will join Brenda McMorrow’s concert and workshop at Yoga Mela.

In 2008, he travelled to Saint-Louis, Senegal to learn the 21 string kora, (a West African harp) with Dialy Kouyate. Dialy encouraged Luc to integrate the Kora into his creative work and play it for audiences in North America. Luc also plays cello, shakuhachi flute, didgeridoo and a RAV vast drum. He has played music in both hospital and hospice settings and facilitates community gatherings, concerts and workshops where participants explore a variety of mantras, sacred songs and sonic rituals interspersed with powerful meditations, invocations and blessings.