Inner Yoga - Cosmic Yoga

Mataji Simone Vastian


Mataji Simone is living a yogic life, and teaches for two decades the life-transforming Inner Yoga techniques – a profound yoga, meditation and self-healing practice.

About Inner Yoga – Yoga of the Cosmic Being

Inner Yoga, conceived by Guruji Sri Vast, is a technique that reveals the natural state of being – a key to enter into the unknown.
Inner Yoga is a profound yoga and meditation technique and an evolutionary step in the field of Yoga, helping to expand yourself from a physical plane to a cosmic life experience that naturally evokes an inner transformation towards the deeper meaning in life. Inner Yoga is a self-healing technique, where our inherent intelligence in the body is evoked, and natural healing can take place.

Inner Yoga reveals one’s inner beauty and grace. It works in various subtle layers of our body, including the chakras, elements and the cosmic attunement. In this new life experience, an inner freedom is attained where our life goals can be reached and performed effortlessly.

Benefit of practicing Inner Yoga:
  • A flexible body and open mind
  • A natural life rhythm
  • Inner calmness and harmonious relations with your surroundings
  • An experience of life that expands beyond oneself
  • The release of inherent patterns
  • Joy and strength