Concert & Workshop

Mattis Olsson


Mattis is a cheerful soul who comes from a traditional training in yoga and meditation, where he found his fascination for the path of bhakti with daily exercise of chanting Sanskrit mantras. From here music became the beacon in his life and for 15 years Mattis traveled around the world exploring the power of singing together. Mattis works ceremonial, giving concerts and sessions with different types of instruments. Combining humor with profound insights, Mattis brings us into the depths of our being and into the heart’s reality.

Cheerful Heart Songs & Joyful Mantra Singing

Welcome to sing from the heart with Mattis, sharing the liberating and joyful experience of just singing. Mattis Heart Songs bring the joy of singing together and the uplifting energy of mantras from the different traditions such as Sanskrit, Buddhist, North & South American Indian chants, as well as his own compositions and improvisations.