Concert & Workshop

Satyaa & Pari

Greece & Switzerland

Satyaa & Pari

Satyaa and Pari belong to the Pioneers of Mantra music in the West. They have inspired thousands of people through their beautiful performances and CDs. The focus of their music is to open the heart for love.

Both of them have spent times around masters like Osho and Papaji in India. These meetings and years spent around these special beings has transformed their lives for good.

Known worldwide through their many CD releases and inspiring live events, their music carries the divine spark which lights up the inner fire for love and freedom.

In their Mantra Concerts, Satyaa & Pari invite their audience to sing along, dance and rejoice – a real enjoyment for lovers of mantra- and devotional chant music. Along with those chants, popular mantras are sung such as Hari OM, Hari Bol, Ganapati, Rama Rama, Om Namoh Shivay und many, many more…