With a multitude of flavors Sudha shares an experience that takes the audiences across traditions – from Buddhist chants from the East, to Hawaiian songs in the West, weaving beautiful Sanskrit mantras, North American tribal chants and songs from the Yoruba traditions of West Africa.

In her concert with Sunniva they embrace both Celebration and Meditation as equal parts of the journey, allowing our voices to sing along, to joyfully raise our energy as well as sinking into a deep silence between songs. This leads us to a calm inner peace. To create peace in the world, we must start by creating peace in our own being.

Sudha from Denmark and Sunniva from Sweden have been performing folk and devotional music internationally for many years and gather at Yoga Mela to unite their voices, ukuleles, drum, harmonium and accordion for a soothing and uplifting concert.


Workshop with Sudha – Voice Ritual

Our voice is a powerful channel for self expression and empowerment.

In the Voice Ritual setting Sudha facilitates an exploration of our authentic voice and how we can use the power of that sound to experience more empowerment, healing, inner peace and joy. With vocal exercises and meditation Sudha guides the group into a deep sense of stillness. It is from this place of Silence our hearts can express what is alive there in this moment through our song.

This is an incredibly liberating practice for the voice, which is a place where a lot of us hold blockages and ideas about limitations. We simply sing ourselves free. No experience with singing is required, just curiosity and openness to discover what gifts our voice has for us. When singing or toning together in a group we develop and strengthen our ability for empathy, which is essential in harmonious and productive communication.