Sunniva Brynnel

Sunniva Brynnel is a Swedish accordionist, vocalist and composer within improvised music, folk music, devotional music and more.

In her concert with Sudha they collectively share an experience that takes the audiences across traditions – from Buddhist chants from the East, to Hawaiian songs in the West, weaving beautiful Sanskrit mantras, North American tribal chants and songs from the Yoruba traditions of West Africa. Sunniva and Sudha embrace both Celebration and Meditation as equal parts of the journey, allowing our voices to sing along, to joyfully raise our energy as well as sinking into a deep silence between songs. This leads us to a calm inner peace. To create peace in the world, we must start by creating peace in our own being.

Sudha from Denmark and Sunniva from Sweden have been performing folk and devotional music internationally for many years and gather at Yoga Mela to unite their voices, ukuleles, drum, harmonium and accordion for a soothing and uplifting concert.


Workshop with Sunniva: Let your voice be heard! 

During Sunniva’s workshop in vocal release participants will practice the traditional Scandinavian calling technique called kulning and learn easy traditional folk melodies from Sweden: melodies to keep, to hum, and to call over the hills wherever you are.
The workshop will be held outdoors.

Sunniva Brynnel is a seventh generation musician, has a masters degree in music and grew up within the folk music tradition of the Swedish West Coast.