Bharata Natyam dance

Vrinda Sheth


With potent hand-gestures and movements from India’s sacred dance tradition, Vrinda will take you through the Ramayana, the ancient epic poem, highlighting Sita’s Journey of transformation.

Vrinda Sheth was born in Sweden and was raised on stories from ancient India. She studied classical dance in Kalakshetra, South India.

Vrinda is an alumni of the reputed Kalakshetra institute, holding a First Class Diploma in Bharata Natyam. From 2009 to 2013, Vrinda traveled and performed with her husband Vishvrambar and The Mayapuris, experimenting with creating a dance repertoire to kirtan music. Her first dance film “Shedding-Skin” (2014) won more than ten awards at film-festivals throughout the US.

Vrinda remains faithful to the traditional Bharata Natyam technique while exploring ways to bridge the gap between the modern and the ancient.