Mataji Irene, CH

Cosmic Life I and II

Mataji Irene has been living in the spiritual Sangha of Guruji Sri Vast for the past 15 years. Her understanding of the life on this planet and the deeper meaning in life has grown during these years to a profound inner realization. Following the Master’s teaching, which is a nature-based spirituality, is a path of self-realization.

Lecture on Cosmic Life

The lectures on ‘Cosmic life’ bring you on a journey to yourself, learning how to understand the human function and tendencies through the wisdom of nature and cosmos. Connecting to the nature of this planet and tuning to the cosmic rhythm is a way to deepen your connection with your divine essence. The lecture will give you practical life wisdom from the Sri Vast Teachings, and practical examples and tools for daily life to expand the living experience and stretch towards your potential as a true divine being.