Philosophy of Yoga Mela

Yoga Mela is an initiative to rejoice in the spirit of yoga, sacred music & divine wisdom – full of inspiration, meaningful togetherness and a thriving learning towards a new humanity.

Yoga Mela celebrates a living spirituality, sacred music, and the transformational togetherness of people rejoicing in peace and unity.

With its intention to create a collective experience of peace, joy, and devotion, the festival aims to contribute to the current awakening of humanity. The wisdom teachings shared serve as inspirational guidance towards a collective and individual awakening. Yoga Mela is a vibrant gathering to honor the beauty, love, and sacredness of life.

The festival promotes a non-commercial spirituality and emphasizes the essence of yoga as a spiritual path towards union with oneself and with life. It is a fully non-profit and volunteer-based festival.

Yoga Mela is an absolutely drug-free and child-friendly festival.



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