How is sacred music affecting the different chakras?

Melodies (raghas), sound vibration, the meanings and the intention are all directly connected with the chakras. Every kind of musical expression has its connection with different chakras.
Hate music, erotic music, romantic music, rebellious music, different music has its own intention and expression. And all these expressions have their direct connection to how chakras function. If a music is expressing hate or creates stress or tiredness, it can be related with Mulhadhara, the first chakra. Erotic music or romantic music can be related with the second chakra. In this way, different chakras have a different connection with music. Spiritual music naturally is meant to explore the seventh chakra of all the chakras, of all the layers. It opens one’s freedom, opens one’s unconditional state, opens one’s heart, opens one’s space to explore all realms beyond our conditions. Through music all our chakras can be opened, and this profound experience can enter into those chakras, which can inspire and bring more insights in our life.

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