What is the Beauty of Yoga Mela?

Yoga Mela is one of the fastest growing spiritual and yoga gatherings in Europe. We expect more than 1000 people this year. The main motive of the festival is a profound, authentic and non-commercial spirituality. People can come together and rejoice in the presence of each other without drugs, without alcohol, with a 100% child and family based togetherness. The festival also keeps affordable price categories which allows families to bring their children to take part in the festival. The festival provides a rain-proof facility for its more than 200 programs with teachers from eastern philosophies, renowned world class sacred music artists and yoga teachers.

This festival also creates a very beautiful and uplifting environment, whether a well-known artist, a newcomer, a CEO of a big company or a student, all are equally met in the same space and share the beauty of being together, beyond the social identities.

One more beauty of the festival is that Yoga Mela is a fully non-profit and voluntary based festival. Many volunteers come from around the world to support and create this international gathering.

The festival also emphasizes the expression of an ecologically sustainable spiritual living community in a very highly organized, beautiful and nurturing environment. This is an important experience which is felt by the participants, that they are coming to a living yogic lifestyle. The Divinya project has 230 hectares of parks, lakes, rivers and classical buildings, meadows, organic fields and permaculture gardens. Which provide a very enriching experience of an ecologically sustainable spiritual living model.

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