Festival Policy

The information below helps to make Yoga Mela Festival in Divinya an enjoyable experience for everyone. Thank you for respecting the following terms:

  • There is strictly no alcohol, drugs or tobacco permitted anywhere at Divinya.
  • No open fires are allowed on the entire property (even inside tents)–, including barbeques, camp-fires, fireworks, lanterns, candles
    (unless you are coming with the camper vans)
  • Swimming in the lake is permitted only in the designated area and is fully at people’s own risk. It is the parents’ full responsibility to keep their children safe in the property, including the lakes and forests.
  • Please keep your dog or other pets at home, unless you can guarantee that it is
    on a leash and will not disturb the wildlife in Divinya. If you do plan to bring your pet, you must inform us in advance to receive our permission.
  • The Foundation has the full right to refuse people whose attitude disturb the harmony of the event or the place.
  • Please keep Divinya clean and neat for everyone to enjoy. All waste must be disposed of in the bins provided.
  • Divinya is a children-friendly place. Parents are responsible for their children
    during their entire stay at Divinya. During the Satsang we will have a children event as an option.