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Yoga Mela 2021 – Press Release

International Yoga & Sacred Music Festival
July 3 – July 10 2021
South of Sweden

Come and rejoice at Yoga Mela – an 8-day celebration full of inspiration, authentic joy and meaningful togetherness. This festival is co-created together with fellow seekers, artists, teachers, volunteers and yoga enthusiasts. Over 200 programs hosted by world-renowned artists and teachers await you in the beautiful and nurturing environment of DIVINYA, a spiritual and ecological living and learning community in the south of Sweden.


Yoga Mela is an initiative to rejoice in the spirit of Yoga, Sacred Music & the Wisdom of Life – full of devotion, freedom and learning towards a new humanity.
Yoga Mela is for those interested in a unique festival experience, filled with wisdomteachings, authentic yoga programs, lovely people, heartwarming kirtan and mantra music to sing and dance along with. It unites the world’s top artists such as Mirabai Ceiba, Kevin James Carrol, Brenda McMorrow and Gaura Vani and above all provides serenity and a spiritual atmosphere.


Yoga Mela is …
– a fully non-profit and voluntary based festival,
– based on a profound, authentic and non-commercial spirituality,
– a joyful contribution towards the evolution of human consciousness,
– taking place where a spiritual living and learning community lives,
– taking place in stunning nature with 240 hectares of parks, lakes, rivers, fields,
meadows and ancient forests,
– a Drug and alcohol-free festival,
– a Children- and family-friendly gathering to celebrate our innocent joy.


The daily schedule includes parallel sessions of different yoga classes, concerts by world famous artists, chanting and mantra workshops to sing and dance along with, Satsang of spiritual wisdom, children festivity, food festivity and many more surprises to come.


Yoga Mela aims to attract people from all walks of life, spanning from families with young children to students and senior citizens. The festival unites Yoga enthusiasts from around the world, people who would like to bring their personal practice to the next level or newcomers who simply want to get a taste of different kinds of Yoga. Mantra and Kirtan lovers are equally welcome, as well as seekers of a deeper meaning in life. In 2021 we expect up to 1000 participants.


The festival is located within the stunning natural environment of DIVINYA – Center for Evolutionary Consciousness, a living and learning community near Malmö in the south of Sweden.

To ensure a smooth arrival at DIVINYA, we will provide a Yoga Bus. This bus is a free service for everyone who wants to join the Yoga Mela Festival.

For individual travel arrangements please note the following:
Divinya is located in Skåne, South Sweden. The closest train station is in Eslöv, which can be reached with a direct train from the Copenhagen International Airport (50 minutes).

241 92 Eslöv
South Sweden
GPS Coordinates: 55.910563224813224N, 13.241357061774352E
To find out more visit www.yogamela.org


Full Festival Tickets are available from 380€, including food and a space for camping.
Single Day Tickets range from 28€ to 37€.
Discounts for seniors and students apply.
Children below 16 years enjoy free entry.


Phone: 0046 70 828 7482
Email: info@yogamela.org
Our website: www.yogamela.org
Facebook: Yoga Mela Festival
Instagram: Yoga Mela Festival
Youtube: Yoga Mela Festival Sweden



Mirabai Ceiba – Germany
“The energy that is created here comes from the intention and the seeds being put by the
community. It is not a place where you just come and consume. It is a place where you
come and contribute with your beautiful being to this weaving together.”

Murray Kyle – Australia
“I remember from my first visit in the Divinya Community that there is a grounded
spirituality. It is very apparent in the daily life. They are building a field of energy on a piece
of land. It is germinating overtime and growing like a garden. It stands out here.”

Jai Uttal – USA
“We feel so taken care of and warmly received. Just like coming into a family. The concert
was way, even more joyful, celebratory than I expected. 100% positive!”


Jocelyn – Sweden
“It is really amazing to have the different voices of devotion across the world coming
together and help facilitate our inner journey -individually and as a group.”

Mati – Argentina
“Do not miss this opportunity because it is not something available in many places. The
depth of what we are doing here touches a part of your heart, which is not touched by
many things in normal life.”

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