Why Do You Create a Festival?

The togetherness is very important. This togetherness itself is a spirituality. We as human beings are collective beings. We are not meant to be left alone or separate ourselves from others. It is therefore very important that people who are like minded come together and take part in a transformational togetherness where the purpose of coming together is the same, which is the spiritual liberation. And this togetherness helps us to meet fellow seekers and helps us to find new ways. But even more it is the intensity of coming together in such a magnitude of spiritual energy field that plays a major role, which is the main focus of the festival. So, it is about creating a positive energy field for a shift in consciousness, and whoever comes can feel it. When this energy field is intensified and reaches a peak it becomes a catalyst. So every individual who participates contributes to this shift in consciousness.

The success of Yoga Mela is, that whoever takes part can feel that energy, something is moving inside. So, every component of this festival is carefully designed to elevate this transformational energy field. A drug free, family- and child-friendly gathering, where that innocent joy is celebrated profoundly.