Wivi-Anne Nyberg, SE

Wivi Anne is teaching for almost 20 years and founded Ayur Yoga, which is a style of Hatha yoga where we always guide – ourselves and as a teacher – from our heart.

Wivi Anne’s Teaching includes the knowledge of Ayurveda and the 5 elements, which has a profound value for us as humans, and can easily guide us in life.

Wivi Anne will teach:

Ayur Yoga – a journey through the elements:

The deep wisdom of the Ayurvedan flows through this class where all three doshorna and its element takes us on a journey. The yoga gives us tools to read our imbalances and help us regain balance there we get a powerful, harmonious and more free flowing life.

Go Yinside – Yin Yoga

A yin yoga class where we go through areas of the body that often accumulate stress and tension.

Morning Blossom

An Ayur Yoga morning class, to experience the beauty of the morning hour by awakening the body through Ayur Yogan’s insight