The Divinya Community organizes Yoga Mela

Behind Yoga Mela stands the Divinya community and a group of volunteers who joyfully co-create the festival together.

Divinya is home to an international yoga community, dedicated to creating a living experience of union, harmony and peace. In the community Yoga is understood as a way of life – a spiritual path of rediscovering our true self. The community is inspired by the teachings of the spiritual Master Guruji Sri Vast, and is actively engaged in manifesting a new reference for an ecologically sustainable and spiritual living in all aspects of life. It is a collective exploration of a Living Spirituality.

The community organizes Yoga Mela as a fully non-profit and voluntary based festival. The 8-day festival intends to provide people with a direct experience of how life can be celebrated in togetherness, based on the values of peace, love and freedom. It is meant as a contribution to the current awakening of humanity and shift in consciousness.

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Center for Evolutionary Consciousness

Divinya serves as a meeting point for visionaries in the quest of a new ecological paradigm. The Center for Evolutionary Consciousness shares a contemplative atmosphere, providing a nurturing ground for personal transformation and rediscovering life on Earth.

An international community has formed to manifest a living experience towards the enlightened Era, being practically engaged in creating a life in harmony with ourselves, nature and the cosmic realm.

The spiritual center offers experiential education, retreats and festivals in the field of ecology, yoga, meditation, spirituality, cosmology and inner growth.

Welcome to be part of the dream.

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